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Role Of Turbines In Generators

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Electric energy for the purpose of power generation will almost always involve a turbine, which is the basic component in any generation system. It is the turbine that is driven using various energy sources to run the generator.

Turbines can be run using a range of energy sources, including water, wind, and steam, but the most popular method is fuel, usually gas. As such, most modern day turbines are modeled on the old steam engine system, which produces energy by heat to boil water to operate the turbine.

Even though gas powered turbines are used most frequently, there are other sources of driving the turbines as well. When water is used, it usually involves a high velocity flow of water, such as through dams. The powerful flow of water drives the components installed at the base of the dam to produce electricity.

There is also coal, which is a less environment friendly method to produce electricity, yet used a lot since it is cheap and plentiful compared to other fossil fuels.

Apart from gas-powered turbines, there are also smaller machines among Generator in Dubai by technopowergroup, that rely on power from diesel, of course capable of managing power generation on a smaller scale. These are the kind of generators often used for back up power at households in the case of grid failure or maintenance and technical problems, or at places that need to ensure 24-hour power supply, such as recreational venues and medical centers. 

Role Of Turbines In Generators Generators In Vehicles

Generators are used in many types of vehicles as well, including cycles, vehicles, and boats.

In cycles, these are very small, usually in the form of dynamos, to power the electrical components of the cycle, like lights and horns.

In motor vehicles, generators help power the electrical components in the car, along with helping to keep the engine on.

In sailboats, these involve small frames at the back of the boat, which serve to move the boat through the use of a mechanical propeller.

Power Generators Operated With Human Energy

As most of us have sometimes seen on the news and in popular culture or cartoons, there is also the human driven generator, which usually involves the use of a bicycle to generate electricity. Even though the power produced is small in terms of the needs of a whole house, this manner can be used to power a room with lighting or for other smaller electrical devices.

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