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Tips for Having Office Space For Rent in Dubai

Rent office in DubaiDo you think that selecting an office space in Dubai is quite challenging? It is hard to find the best offices which feature your required amenities ad located in the most suitable area for you and your employees. There are few things that you should check before signing your contract of office space for rent in Dubai - Genius Business Services has listed down those for your convenience.


The first thing you always make a priority is the accessibility of your office which is suitable for business operations. Few people prefer virtual offices for their ventures in the UAE while other have different plans in mind


It is a determining factor which can impact the quality and availability of your desired place in the specific rent. Make a target which you or your company can spend.


It is also worth noting that which facilities are covered in the office rent. Will you get additional security, parking, maintenance and any other facility while renting your office in the building?

The choice should be made on the basis if aims, goals, and future of your company instead of current scenario or situation.

Most of the landlords prefer 3 to 5 years of lease terms so you should consider the following before signing three or five years contact

Extra Expenses You May Face

Rent space officeThe basic rent is not the only thing you are going to spend from your budget. Many other hidden expenses can seep out of your account during the process of renting the office space. The basic rent is just a major part of it. If you forget to account these extras in your budget which most properties come with, you may end up with loopholes in original amount. The questions which you need to ask include:

Do you or your company have to pay all the utility bills or the landlord will bear it?

The availability of phone services and internet data is taken on whose behalf?

Cleaning and removing of debris after windy weather in Dubai are the responsibility of the owner or not?

Know Your Limitations for Customization

If you are willing to add a personal touch in your new office ask your landlord what you are allowed to change before signing the contract as most of the owners don’t let you knock down walls or change the color scheme and charge you for damages.

Check the Lease Length

This is another basic consideration before the final decision of renting an office in Dubai. If you don't want to tie yourself up in a long-term commitment or stuck at the same place while your company grows, check the duration of the lease.

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