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Use cheap electricity, live happily

Solar power or energy is the future of this generation. The invention of solar power brought a revolution to this era. Every person is equally fascinated by the solar power. After looking at the popularity of solar power among the masses, many companies are manufacturing solar panels that are selling like hot cakes. One of the examples of such companies is Sunergy Solar.

Why do we prefer solar energy over another form of electricity production:

  • Solar energy is not only sustainable but renewable.

  • Sun is the steady and consistent source of solar energy.

  • It can easily be developed by home and business users

  • It is also beneficial for the environment

  • It reduces the air pollution created by other producers of energy

  • It doesn’t require large-scale industry

  • It can implant in a smaller area as compared to other sources of energy

  • Extensively consumed renewable energy among others being the wind, tides etc

Solar energy components that make a solar energy system are:

  1. The roof system

  2. Solar panels

  3. Inverter

  4. Net meter

These components together make a solar energy system. Now the question arises that how to maintain these solar panels?

Solar power cell energy that is typically in 20% range can be decreased by pollen, dust particles, grimes, leaves, smoke and other harmful things that accumulate on the solar panels. Most of the researches has revealed that if panels hadn’t been rained and cleaned for more or less 145 days during the season of summer and dirt filled windy weather, it could easily lost the efficiency up to 7.4%. Don’t take the cleanness for granted when it comes to solar panels because if we talk about average wear and tear a panel could loss 0.05% efficiency every day.

The photovoltaic systems that are mounted on ground are most of the time huge, utility scale power plants. By the help of frames and racks their modules are fitted or held in place for a ground based mounting. The equipments and accessories include:

  • Pole mounts: Mostly embedded in concrete and driven into the ground directly.

  • Foundation mounts: Poured footings or concrete slabs are utilized for such types

  • Ballasted footing mounts: The solar module is secured by the help of steel bases or concrete that holds the weight and is not necessarily required penetration in ground. This type of system is best suited at the like caped landfills where excavation and relocation is not possible and simplifies decommissioning.

UAE residents by installing solar panels are stating stark reduction in their bills which is up to 50%.

Why is solar energy being used?

  • Reduced dependence on fossil fuel

  • Environmental advantages

  • Matching output peak time with demand peak time

  • Flexible locations

Most of the solar modules parts are capable of recycling which also include 97% of the glass or certain semiconductor materials in addition to the non ferrous and ferrous metals. There are few private companies which are engaged in gathering and recycling operation with non-profit organisations for end-of-life modules.

Applications of solar power are:

  1. Used in calculators, watches and toys

  2. Used to power satellites

  3. Solar vehicles

  4. Solar planes

  5. PV power stations

  6. Rooftop solar PV system

  7. Solar panels on spaceships and spacecraft.

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