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Yacht Charter in Dubai

The UAE is famous for its wealth, luxury and refinement. No doubt that each traveler wants to see all the wonders of this region with his own eyes. More than that - if you can’t imagine your life without sailing, then you should definitely visit this region and try private yacht charter dubai by  SEVEN YACHTS. When you order yacht charter Dubai for the first time, you will be surprised with a marvelous and comfortable harbor (which is the largest in the world, by the way). The best route for a yacht-trip begins here and goes along the coastline. During your trip you will see famous World Islands and more than 200 other islands, located along the coastline, which length is more than 700 kilometers. The climate here is subtropical, the average temperature in winter is around 18C and in summer it is between 35 and 43C.The water temperature ranges from 17C in the cold season up to 35C in August. The best time for luxury Dubai yacht rental is from late September to early May.

First Yacht Charters

Several years ago Jumeirah yacht charter was considered something exotic to most tourists. Today much more guests of Dubai can book a vessel for a vacation, which will be remembered for a very long time as a trip, full of romantic views, fun and joy.
During your journey you will visit secluded coves, different places of interest; you will swim in the crystal clear sea and receive a lot of unforgettable and pleasant emotions as all these pleasures are easily combined in one trip on a rented yacht with the highest level of comfort, in no way inferior to the modern hotel.
The list of advantages of Jumeirah yacht rental:

  • Qualified crew;
  • Modern design of yachts and boats;
  • The newest equipment and first-class service.

All this will make your sailing trip unforgettable, and most importantly, as safe as possible. Boats and yachts presented in our catalog are specifically designed for a comfortable and relaxing seaside holidays.

Cruise Areas

You can explore the waters of the Persian or Oman Gulf and visit neighboring Emirates and States. Typically, your start your trip in Dubai. This city is the starting and ending point of most voyages. Moreover, here you can combine a cruise with a comfortable beach holiday.
Next port of your sea cruise can be Fujairah. The main feature of this Emirate is affiliation to the Indian Ocean, and an incredible amount of pristine nature. Also here is located a picturesque mountain range Hajar. Fujairah opens up opportunities for scuba diving and comfortable beach holiday. Here you will not find as many skyscrapers and big buildings as in Dubai. Fujairah is a real green oasis in the middle of a hot desert.

The most attractive place here is the hot thermal springs of Ain Al Gamur, great falls of Al Wuraya and extensive gardens of Ain Al Madhab. The Emirate of Fujairah is the perfect place for enjoying the sun and comfortable beach holiday.
We are eager to provide best services of Jumeirah boat rental. Our company has been working in this field for a very long period and now we can proudly say that only with our help you can find the best offer of Madinat yacht charter today. Call us if you want to know more about our offers!


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