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Are Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitening Products Effective?

OTC Teeth whitening kits are found commonly in Dubai. Most people doubt the claims that usage of these products can lead to whiter teeth. Perhaps you are also not sure about these claims you have heard. In reality, these products have worked for people. It is advised that you should be cautious to use only the ones recommended to you from the desk of a good dentist in Dubai. A counterfeit product can ruin smile by destroying your pearly whites. Hence, look before you leap!

Whitening Systems

Here are some OTC teeth whitening items you can consider:

Toothpaste with Bleaching Properties

When buying a whitening toothpaste, avoid the ones that are constitute ingredients such as detergents and abrasives. These toothpastes are to remove tough stains on teeth, commonly seen in smokers and can damage a non smojker’s teeth. Instead, buy the ones that contain carbamide or hydrogen peroxide. These are popular bleaching agents which are proven to wheiten your teeth.

OTC Tray-based Whitening Systems

You must exercise precaution while using OTC tray based systems because they may harm the sensitive tissues of your gums if not fit right, There are other risks that come with the use of this product, such as malocclusion or the misalignment of the both rows of your teeth. Mske sure you recieve proper guidance before its usage.

Whitening Strips


Paint-on Whitening system and Whitening Strips

Whitening strips or Paint-on whitening system are alternative options in case you are not at your residence to be able to acess your tray-based systems. Paint-on whitening system and whitening strips are affordable and user friendly. iTs only drawback is that unlike other products, its requires constant usage to see results you wish to see. If you are not in a hurry, whitening strips or paint-on whitening systems are great products.

Contact an Expert

Although over the top whitening products brighten your teeh with ease, it canot match up to the results from visiting a dentist. A dentist will be able to provide that requisite professional touch which guarantees a bright confident smile devoid of side effects. An orthodosntist will offer you the perfect solution that is suitable for the peculiarities of your teeth.

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