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Five Exciting Single Day Trips You Can Embark on With a Rental Car

One of the great aspects of using a rental car is freedom. You and your family can explore what the surrounding areas of Dubai have to offer without having to wait for tour groups. Explore adjoining Emirates with a cheap rent a car Abu Dhabi, or embark on a desert safari, with a rental car and experience the unique culture and atmosphere that the UAE has to offer first-hand and at your convenience. There is so much beauty that the country has to offer but we have compiled a list of five exciting tourist destinations and attractions that would be perfect for a day trip with the family.

Abu Dhabi – the Gem of the UAE

Only 132 kilometers (90 minutes) from Dubai, Abu Dhabi is the capital and largest city of the UAE. Abu Dhabi boasts a combination of both classic and modern Arab architecture with landmarks such as the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the Etihad Towers. The mosque offers 82 domes, the world’s largest Persian carpet and seven crystal chandeliers while the Etihad Towers offers a glimpse at the marvels of modern Arab architecture.

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Spend a Day in the Desert

The UAE deserts offer a whimsy that all tourists must experience on their vacation. From camel rides to 4x4 desert safaris, there is definitely an activity for everyone out in the desert. Travelers will not need to drive too far out of Dubai to experience the wonders that the huge dunes have to offer. Tourists with a heart for adrenaline and adventure should be sure to try out sandboarding or quad biking on the dunes. For detailed pricing information, consult the website of a cheap car hire Abu Dhabi company.

Cool off at Wadi Adventure Park

Beat the warm temperatures in the UAE with a trip to Wadi Adventure Park. The water park is located in Al Ain just 153 kilometers from Dubai and has something to offer the entire family. The park has a great array of cool and relaxing activities including surfing, zip-lining, kayaking and white water rafting among other fun activities. Allow the kids to have some fun in the sun while the parents can relax by the pool and beat the city heat.

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Adrenaline Packed Ferrari World

Ferrari World is the world’s largest indoor theme park and offers a lot more than just looking at cars. Only 112 kilometers from Dubai, tourists can experience the real thrill of Formula 1 racer. Ferrari World offers tourists access to the world’s fastest roller coaster (240km/h), Formula 1 race courses and even a safe learn-to-drive experience for the children. Cap off the day with a trip to the Ferrari Museum or with a tour of the Italian Ferrari factory.

Step into History at Jumeirah

The Jumeirah Site, located between Jumeirah and Al-Wasl road, offers a glimpse back into history dating back between the 9th and 11th century. The site functioned as a rest stop for caravan traders travelling between Oman and Iraq and is now a famous historical-archaeological attraction to all. Ancient treasures like pottery jugs and bronze coins were found during an excavation in 1969 and are now on display in the Dubai Museum.

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