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Renting a Car in Dubai? Beware of the Hidden Costs!

Numerous hidden costs can make your driving experience bitter in Dubai. You should be alert when you sign a contract deal with a car rental or leasing company in the UAE region. It will help you spend less money.

Airport fee

It is one of the most common hidden costs that you may have to bear when you rent a car Dubai. If the chauffeur picks you up from the Dubai airport, the company has to pay a parking fee to the airport authorities. A fraudulent rental company always tries to slip the cost into your total bill. Try to enquire about every detail of your charged bill.

Renting a Car in UAE

Fuel Charge

Some rental companies in Dubai try to put the fuel charges in your final bill. It centers on refueling the fuel tank of the car. When you return the car after the lease period, the company can ask you to a fee for refilling purposes. It will surpass the amount that you actually should spend to refill the fuel tank. Always try to return the car by refilling the tank, to give the company no chances to increase the bill.

The Early Return Fee

This is a peculiar situation where you have to pay a fee to the cheap car rental Dubai company when you return the car before the end of the lease period. The company may seek an extra payment for returning the car too soon, that goes against the contract. It is an intelligent thing to read the contract before you book a luxury car, for avoiding such hidden costs.

Travel Agent Insurance Charges

In some cases, when you are traveling in Dubai, the touring agent can attach a high-cost insurance deal with the travel package. Leasing a car from a rental company may be available with a condition that compels you to pay for insurance. If you already have the relevant insurance documents, then buying additional insurance will pinch your pocket.

Driver for the Luxury Car

An Additional Driver Fee

When you hire a driver for a luxury car, the company usually asks for some extra fee. You must read the conditions and regulations on the contract deal when you book the car. The company may not reveal to you the insurance costs of the driver before the end of the lease period.

Your total bill for leasing a luxury car will be well under control if you are aware of the above-mentioned hidden costs during the booking process. Be smart.

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