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What are the requirements to legally operate a security company in Iraq

Security company in IraqSecurity company in Iraq provides all security solutions to their clients whether they require ad hoc, short term and long-term security solutions. These companies provide high level of security services and client satisfaction. Companies are specifically organized to give maximum protection to your employees and valuable asset in Iraq. They are dealing with the clients who are engaged in oil & gas, defense, Government, development and infrastructure etc and help them to get the job done.

Law Regulating Security Company in Iraq

The new PSC law regulates the work carried out by the security company in Iraq. Prior to the implementation of this law these companies were regulated under a memorandum that was issued by the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq. According to the new law of PSC (Private Security Companies), the operational scope of a security company that include company's obligation and penalties, how to obtain a license, process of employment etc. will be governed by the PSC in Iraq. In order to legally run a security company in Iraq, the company should be aware of all the important things mentioned in the law. Under the article 5 of the chapter, it is mentioned that only Iraqi companies are granted for the license.

What is ISO 18788

It is a framework that provides guidelines or standards to establish, operate, implement, monitor, maintain and improve the operation of a security company in Iraq. It also provides principles for SOMS (Security Operations Management System). An ISO 18788 provides business risk management framework for companies conducting security related operations.

It is applicable to the security companies which need:

  • To establish, maintain implement, and improve an SOMS
  • To assess the conformity of their organization with its stated security operations management policy
  • And to the company that demonstrate its ability to consistently provide quality services to their client according to their specific requirements.

Al Murabit is a security company in Iraq that was awarded by ISO 18788:2015 and the best part that you should know is that this award is given to those security companies only who reach the highest operational and management standards.

Al MurabitA security company in Iraq provides cost effective and realistic security solutions to their client and understands their needs and requirements. They ensure to deliver exceptional security service around Iraq. They assist their clients to identify and evaluate operational risk and security services in Iraq. They are dedicated towards their work and always give their best to provide unmatched security solutions to their clients. They provide a wide range of services including: crisis and risk management service, K&R response, emergency response planning, close protection, mobile security, facility and infrastructure security, HSE consultancy etc. Additionally, they are also rendering HEAT training (Hostile Environment Awareness Training), life support service etc.

Security Staff

The staff of security company in Iraq is highly trained at all levels and gets operational training at training schools to provide world class security services. The operation team is also well versed in the process of selecting and screening the employees and trains them at a high level. The staff of a security company is reviewed on a regular basis.

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